What’s Your Point of View? The Key Relationship Between Perspective and Marketing

The trifecta of marketing communications is more important now than ever. As people around the world shift in their priorities, creating or updating your company’s positioning statement, point of view, and supporting messages will help show others both your reaction to the current economic situation and where you stand on important social issues. Utilizing these basic tools now will lead to stronger connections with other industry leaders and the public down the road, helping your business grow and readjust to the current situation.

What is a Point of View?

Alongside your company’s positioning statement and supporting messages is its point of view.

Your point of view showcases what your company believes and stands for, and may also be a differentiator.

Though this aspect of your company’s brand may appear insignificant in the face of potential business partnerships and opportunities, it is closely tied with the messages your company gives to the public, making it critical to the success of marketing efforts. Oftentimes, companies want to work together because they share similar or complementary points of view. For many companies, however, there is little reflection on what their point of view is and how it influences the public’s perception of them.

Creating Your Point of View Statement

When crafting a point of view for your company, take the time to figure out what it is your company believes and stands for.

  • What do you want the world to be like?
  • What is the ideal end-result of situations currently faced by the public such as the pandemic?

Your company’s point of view on these situations and the industry itself will help others better understand your values. Having a more solid grip on what your company’s values are will lead to potential leads and business activity, as these values will resonate with people that hold similar beliefs, inclining them to do business with you.

When developing a point of view, your goal is to distill your ideas into a one-sentence statement that highlights the main points of what you came up with clearly. In that process, be sure to collaborate with others in your company; their perspectives will offer different interpretations of your company’s values that can strengthen your statement.

In addition to the importance of brevity and collaboration, make sure your statement differentiates you from the rest of the industry. Making yourself stand out in the minds of people will incline them to think of you first when reflecting on your industry. Having a unique and powerful point of view statement is one way to gain this level of recognition by others

What To Avoid in Your Point of View

Many businesses try to turn their point of view into a slogan. Your point of view does not have to be overt or consistently referenced in marketing efforts. Its presence can be more in the background, yet its influence should still be evident.

This is a difficult part of having a point of view statement, but the benefits your company will receive from its employment will be significant, as more people will want to do business with you if they find they hold similar values.

Need Help Creating Your Point of View?

Slice Communications offers a variety of tools and services that can benefit your business. Whether you want to help increase your media presence or rebrand your company’s image, we have a team of experts that can help you achieve your goals. Contact our team if you would like to learn more and start figuring out your point of view!

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