The Hidden Potential of Positioning Statements in Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to conveying the messages your company wants to associate with its brand, the trifecta of a point of view, positioning statements, and supporting messages serve as the main tools that will underpin this primary goal. Using these tools will both effectively and clearly accomplish the primary task of communication with a heightened awareness of how the message and image of your company resonate with potential customers.

The Potential of Positioning Statements

Looking at this trifecta deeper, one can describe the positioning statement as a first impression made on a potential customer, journalist, or other members of the public. Positioning statements are purposely short and to the point. Their goal is not necessarily to expand on the details but to clearly relate what it is your company values and delivers.

A strong positioning statement should clearly relate what makes your company objectively different from the rest of the industry. Taking the time to craft the right statement that emphasizes your objective uniqueness will limit any room for confusion or misinterpretation on the part of the public. Especially during the economic shifts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, you should emphasize your objective uniqueness within this overarching event. Some questions you should ask:

  • What does your company do differently in the face of a pandemic?
  • How is your company’s reaction to the current situation different from others?
  • Why is your company reacting in this way?

These questions are not the end goal of a positioning statement, they merely serve as a starting point from which you can ask additional questions and dive deeper into conversation and reflection with your colleagues. 

Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

The importance of a positioning statement lies in its ability to guide the rest of a marketing campaign. Your marketing strategy is based on how your company envisions itself within the industry. When making a positioning statement for your business, it should transcend trends and stick with your corporate brand for years.

Remember: simplicity is critical to the success of a positioning statement.

People often want to load as much information as possible into a positioning statement with the hopes that it will cast a true image of the company into the world. Though this makes perfect sense, you have to remember that this statement will be received by people who have exposure to many other positioning statements. They likely do not have the time to immediately look over the details and appreciate the hard work you put into your company (this will come late when the initial connection is forged and business is conducted).

For now, make simplicity and clarity the most important parts of your positioning statement. Having a keen eye towards these aspects from the start will make subsequent marketing efforts easier to adjust to the company’s brand image.

Actionability within the Current State of the World

The importance of the current economic situation and the context it places on how people perceive business is important to keep in mind when crafting a positioning statement. What matters to your customers now likely is not what mattered to them a year ago. This current climate means that your positioning statement should account for the times and how people currently interact with businesses and each other on individual and larger social levels. The current restrictions faced by many people across the globe during this time makes it key to point out that your positioning statement should be actionable.

In other words, don’t incorporate something into your business statement that you can’t deliver on at the moment or in the future, even if you could have done so in the past.

Need Help Developing Your Positioning Statement?

Slice Communications is a leader in helping businesses receive the attention they need to be successful. Our client-centric approach means your company’s wellbeing will always be the center of the marketing strategy we develop and execute. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business or have questions, let us know!

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