The Power of Public Relations in Marketing

One core pillar of marketing is media. How the media perceives your company and product will influence the success of your PR strategy, as it is through the media that people not only learn about a company but create an image of that company in their mind that will stick with them throughout their business activities. Returning to this core aspect of marketing is critical at the moment, as the changing landscape of media in the past several months means that a restructuring of your media strategy is likely necessary.

Building Media Relations in an Altered Landscape

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the media landscape significantly in the past several months. Some journalists who may have been covering topics associated with your company are likely now focusing on the impact of the virus, meaning that your opportunities to receive media coverage are limited.

Though this may appear to be a major roadblock, there in fact lies an opportunity to reassess your media strategy concerning your overall marketing efforts. Now is the time to rebuild your media lists by finding journalists who are talking about your competitors. Reach out to them and establish a connection, emphasizing you and your product. Make the initial email quick and to the point, asking if they are available to have a conversation. During a more in-depth conversation, highlight what makes you unique and give them something to write about.

For instance, if you unveil a new product or have a new development, reaching out to reporters to have these events publicized will bring you to the attention of potential customers. Even if the development seems insignificant, it can have a wide impact if reported on by a journalist with an expertise in your industry. In a similar vein, while traditional media will certainly help you grow in this regard, look to smaller outlets with a more narrow focus on your industry or product type, as these publications will have audiences who are more inclined to do business with you.

Look for other Connection Opportunities

Journalists are not the only people you can reach out to when assessing your media strategy. Look to see who are the influencers and thought leaders of your industry and add them to your media lists. Reach out to them in a similar fashion and try to forge a connection that will be both impactful within the industry and beneficial for both parties. Looking to industry associations will also be of significant help, as these are centers where connections are forged, meaning your likelihood of finding someone who will spread information about your company and product are higher. Having persistence and a good attitude in this process will lead to eventual success.

The Power of Having the Right Spokesperson

Internally, having a spokesperson is critical when developing a media strategy. There is likely someone in the company who has the charisma and knowledge to convey  information about your product in an engaging and personal manner. When you choose somebody who fits this description, making them an editorial bio will help establish credibility and build connections with journalists and industry influencers.

The bio itself should be a simple one-page document highlighting the expertise and thought leadership of your spokesperson. There should be 6-8 bullet points at the top of the page highlighting these details in addition to a selection of published articles, media features, or other work that will resonate with journalists. Including a small traditional bio of the spokesperson at the bottom of the page is also good to include, as it will work to build credibility and make your spokesperson relatable to others.

Need Help with Your Public Relations?

Slice Communications is a leader in public and industry relations. Our team of experts has a proven track record of creating successful PR strategies in a variety of industries. If you are interested in having a conversation about how we can help or simply have a question, let us know!

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