Community Relations

A strong, supportive community can make or break a company’s growth plan.  Sometimes the community is geographic, sometimes it’s demographic, and sometimes it’s an industry group or association.  

The only way to generate opportunities from a community is to serve it and stay connected with it over time.  Businesses that rely on referrals know this, but often they do not have a system or a plan to generate measurable results.


Our team at Slice will work to define the communities that will best offer new opportunities.  We do this beginning in our First Cut Session when we discuss how your targeted audiences get news and information.  Some attend trade shows and conferences, some listen to or follow people who have influence, some look locally for nearby products and services.

The key to leveraging a community is to stay-of-mind with them.  This must be done by adding value.  Our team at Slice will create a marketing communications roadmap that connects you with the right communities.  We incorporate the trade shows, events, and sponsorships that you are already doing.  Our efforts will amplify and coordinate those things as well as add new opportunities to connect with powerful communities.


We exist to get people to pay attention.  This means standing out as a valuable member of a community that is willing to give more than you take. 

  • Public Relations – We will work to generate speaking opportunities and awards from groups that matter.  Our efforts will also extend to generating coverage from reporters who cover the targeted space or local area.
  • Social Media – We will stay connected with community groups, organizers, and members over time via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  We will listen to them online, respond with useful information, and provide new ways to interact throughout the year.
  • Email Marketing – We will support communities by sharing their news and information to their members already connect to us through email.  We will send customized messages to people before, during, and after events to turn digital interactions into real-life connections.
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