Leveraging a Round of Funding

Raising money for your company is a big deal.  Unfortunately, most companies don’t make the most of it.  You raise money to do something with it – to get your company in front of more people, to hire key positions, to invest in a differentiated product, or to expand into a new market.  

Your funding announcement should be used to talk about those things, not just the accomplishment of raising the money.  A press release about funding should be a means to a much more important end, not the end in itself.


Most high-growth companies only have a few very newsworthy announcements per year.  Fundraising is certainly one of them.  Our approach is to use that announcement to communicate your wants, needs, or intentions to your most important audience.  

To do that, you must first identify that audience.  It may be that the most important thing to your success is hiring a lead technical person away from a competitor.  Or getting a major potential customer to agree to a beta test.  Or convincing new customers to trust you.  Or starting conversations with strategic investors who may become acquisition partners.  Whatever the audience, they must be the focus of the funding announcement.

You must also have the marketing infrastructure in place to ensure that everyone who should know about the announcement does.  This means collecting and curating an email list, gaining the right followers on your social media platforms, and creating relationships with the right reporters.  Not everyone who needs to know about your announcement will read the news that day.  

With the right audience identified and the right infrastructure in place, you will be much more likely to gain actual business value from your funding announcement. Start at least four weeks in advance of the announcement to give yourself the time to do it well.


We exist to get people to pay attention.  But it’s got to be the right attention from the right people.

  • Public Relations – We will prepare you for media interviews, draft your press release, create a media list, and ensure that your funding announcement gets covered.
  • Social Media – We will manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or other networks.  We will ensure you have the right followers to help the business grow.
  • Email Marketing – We will set up and manage your email marketing effort to send regular messages to current investors, customers, centers of influence, and prospective employees.
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