New Leadership

Our team at Slice loves working with new leadership teams.  Whether the transition happens in a family business, a VC-backed startup, a private equity owned company, a newly acquired company, or a nonprofit, new leaders have the opportunity to communicate visionary messages about the future of the organization.  

Most businesses thrive when there is a clear message about the future delivered consistently.  It must be tailored for customers, employees, supporters, and other stakeholders.  And it must be delivered many, many times as it takes at least seven times for a person to hear something new for the first time.


We believe that the best leaders are those who can articulate a future state and communicate what it means for various different audiences. New leaders who can do this quickly and simply gain significant advantages in moving their companies forward in a brave new direction.

Slice works with leadership teams to craft a messaging trifecta that includes: 

  • Positioning Statement – One sentence that clearly communications what will make your company different and special in the future.
  • Point-of-View – A statement that indicates what the leader believes and what the company will stand for in the future.
  • Supporting Messages – The three to five most important things people need to know in order to buy and believe.  

Once this messaging package is developed, we will develop a roadmap and help you deliver it effectively.


Getting attention when you’re new is easy.  Keeping it to create change is hard.  Our team will work with you to ensure the company is moving forward following your direction.

  • Public Relations – We will secure media coverage for you in your local community, your industry trades, and the outlets your customers read and view.  We will also apply for awards and speaking engagements to generate additional recognition and credibility.  
  • Social Media – We will help you develop a strategic social media presence to communicate directly with your audiences.  We will ensure that the company accounts and the leadership teams’ accounts are working together to deliver the most important messages.
  • Email Marketing – We will regularly communicate on your behalf to segmented lists of employees, customers, potential customers, supporters, influencers, investors, and others.
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