Slice’s Good Things for 2022

There’s no better feeling than a fresh start. The new year means a new quarter, new goals, and endless opportunities. Here at Slice, we like to kick off all our meetings with ‘good things’ both personally and professionally. To kickstart 2022, we want to share the Slice team’s personal and professional resolutions and hope to inspire you to discover your ‘good things’ this new year.

Dana Schmidt – Chief Strategy Officer

“My personal resolution is to show myself some grace as we welcome a new baby into our family. Newborn care is tough. Like really, really hard. But I learned my lesson having done this once before, so I’m going into it this time prepared to take it easier on myself and allow time to heal while we figure out what “being a family of 4” looks like.

And my professional resolution is to support the launch of our upcoming marketing and social media books and really put myself out there to promote it. I’m proud of the work we put into it, and I want to help share it with the world!”

Charlotte Bausch – Email Marketing Account Manager

“Now that I’m finished with grad school and no longer have to invest hours reading for classes, my personal resolution is to spend more time reading for fun!

As for my professional resolution, I’d like to take advantage of all the numerous marketing training courses available to continue to improve my marketing skills.”

Andrew Schober – Marketing Strategy Analyst

“Personally, I want to focus more on hobbies in my free time and travel more, if COVID allows.

Professionally, I look to continue to excel in my current role and put more of an emphasis on my leadership skills within the agency.”

Adrian Heredia – Social Media Account Manager

“My personal goal for 2022 is to travel to Argentina to finally introduce my son, Mateo, to my family including my parents and my grandmother, all of whom have not met him yet. Similarly, we would love to take him to South Africa to visit other family and friends who were very important parts of my childhood. We hope COVID will no longer prevent us from making these trips a reality. I also want to be get back into the groove of playing soccer again on a regular basis, learn Tai Chi, and finally buy a house in the crazy housing market.

One of my professional goals for this year was to find a job at an organization with great people and a good culture – I managed that already starting at Slice which is thrilling! Now that I’m with a great company, I look to 2022 to be a year of learning and action. I want to work on my storytelling skills, master data analysis, and become an overall better marketer.”

Aleah Conlin – Public Relations Account Manager

“My personal resolution this year is to visit new locations in the US. I’m really itching to begin traveling again and explore new cultures!

Professionally, I look to continue to nurture my existing media relationships, as well as form new meaningful ones in 2022.”

Caroline Hromy – Senior Social Media Account Manager

“For 2022 I want to dedicate time to read more! Please send any book recommendations my way!

And my professional resolution is continue to expand my knowledge of the industry, especially with paid ads. Digital marketing is constantly changing, so there’s always something new to learn!”

Zach Weitz – Public Relations Account Manager

“This new year, I personally want to make more time to connect with my family.

My professional goal is to continue to work on my time management skills which will help me not only with my work at Slice, but in my everyday life as well.”

Is your marketing all set for 2022?

Contact our team of experts at Slice Communications and we’ll help take your business’s marketing to the next level!

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