Our team at Slice has a long history of supporting nonprofits.  We have worked with them as clients, supported them as donors, and lead them as members of Boards.  Because of this, we know the unique challenges they face to get and keep attention. 


We will work with you to first prioritize your audiences. Many nonprofits have a very hard time with this because there are so many people they can serve in so many different ways. However, that is counterproductive for effective marketing communications. We work with our nonprofit clients to create focus since they do not have unlimited time or money. This focus translates to results as we produce interest in and support for our nonprofit clients’ causes.


  • Strategy – Unfortunately, most nonprofits have extremely muddled messaging due to changing Boards, executive directors, and staff members. We begin with this work and then clearly lay out a plan for getting a new, concise, and compelling message to the most likely to act on it.
  • Public Relations – Reporters are less and less likely to cover your fundraisers or events. But they are always looking for perspective, insight, and opinion. We work to help nonprofits articulate those things and then showcase them through appropriate stories, including human interest. Media coverage often leads to new program participants, volunteers, and supporters.
  • Social Media – The most effective nonprofits use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay in touch with their communities on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many don’t invest in these channels and therefore don’t see a return. With a smart, small advertising budget, we can deliver real results that contribute to the mission.
  • Email Marketing – Email can be incredibly effective for selling tickets to events and generating e-commerce transactions. Both of these things are important for nonprofits to be successful with their fundraising. The Slice team will help collect, manage, and engage the email marketing list.
  • Content – Our team works with inhouse nonprofit team members to develop stories, photos, videos, and data that can be used across all media to support fundraising and brand awareness.

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