How to Make the Most of Holiday Marketing for Nonprofits

Written by: Charlotte Bausch & Caroline Hromy

For many nonprofits, the holiday season can mean a crucial fundraising boost that will carry them through the new year. Leveraging social media and email marketing as part of a comprehensive outreach strategy over this period can make all the difference to your nonprofit’s bottom line. However, crafting compelling social media messages and fighting against increased competition in email inboxes isn’t always easy! Keep reading below to see how you can make the most of your digital marketing this holiday season.

Social Media Marketing Tips:

  • Gamify Your Content: Everyone loves friendly competition, so why not create one digitally with your nonprofit? Gamification is the process of turning your content into an online game. This strategy has worked well for our clients in the past and has led to significant increases in engagement. From running an online poll asking your audience how they enjoy giving back this holiday season to creating “This or That” Instagram stories to show your audience the meal they can prepare for a person in need, there are plenty of ways your nonprofit can get your audience engaged with your organization this holiday season.
  • Highlight Volunteers and Employees: Nonprofits rely heavily on their volunteers, who often donate their time and resources without expecting anything in return. By publicly acknowledging and expressing gratitude for their work on social media, you are not only highlighting the important work your team does daily but also showing your volunteers and employees how much you value their contributions to your organization. 
  • Share Your Impact: Does your organization serve a population in your community? Give your audience a sneak peek into your nonprofit by sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) content! Sharing photos and stories about those who utilize your services shines a light on the great work you and your organization are doing and shows your audience the impact their donations and support have on their community.  

Email Marketing Tips:

  • Consider a Holiday Campaign: One way to increase your impact around the holidays is to create an email campaign around a specific holiday. If your organization is faith-based, a religious holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah might be a good choice, but you can also campaign around a secular event like Thanksgiving. Create a donation goal and a deadline to raise money by the date of the holiday or for a special event on that day, and send a series of themed emails leading up to the date encouraging your supporters to donate.
  • Get Personal With Stories: In nonprofit marketing, it’s essential to include a personal touch. Although adding numbers and data about your impact is great, you should also show the human side of your organization’s outreach. Include stories about how your nonprofit has helped people in need so your email audience knows what their donation can do. 
  • Stand Out in the Inbox: During the holidays, your audience is bombarded with messages in their inboxes, so make sure your email stands out by choosing a short, personalized subject line. Once your recipients have opened your email, it’s also important to keep their attention with an eye-catching email design and images. It’s especially helpful to include images illustrating your organization’s impact, whether that’s donors giving to your food drive or kids enjoying your after-school programming. 
  • Include a Holiday Greeting: Beyond just a holiday-themed donation CTA, it’s important to wish your email audience happy holidays at the beginning of your emails this season. Sharing your warm wishes with your audience is a great way to show them that you care about them, as well as your cause.

Looking for more help with your nonprofit marketing this holiday season? Contact the Slice team today!

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