Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

What is AEC Marketing?

AEC stands for architecture, engineering, and construction. It represents the integrated approach to designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure projects. Since our inception, Slice has worked with architects to showcase their projects, get credit for their work, and highlight their skills.  We understand the challenges in AEC marketing, including the development cycle, what it’s like to partner with developers that have their own PR effort, and how to manage the many, many companies involved in a project.


Thought leadership is everything for companies in the AEC industries. Clients hire those who have done something great recently, those who know how to differentiate themselves, and those who can clearly articulate the value they provide. Our team at Slice knows the industry well, and we know what it takes to stand out in this very competitive landscape.

We work with our AEC clients to leverage every stage of a building development from the announcement to a groundbreaking opening. With deep industry connections and a proven track record, we demonstrate our expertise and effectiveness in every project.


  • Strategy – Strategy for AEC clients is all about getting the most out of every project and linking them together with a shared perspective. Our team has deep expertise in this work and in building customized strategies to achieve business goals.
  • Public Relations – Many architects, engineers, and construction companies struggle to get the media coverage they deserve, particularly when there are many different partners involved in projects. We know and constantly work with reporters who cover the industry on the East Coast and in the trade publications.
  • Social Media – Most developers are visual buyers. They want to see projects over and over again with different angles and perspectives. Social media, particularly LinkedIn and Instagram, should be used by AEC firms to expand brand awareness and showcase work.
  • Email Marketing – We know the sales cycle for AEC projects is long. That’s why it is important to stay in touch with clients as they move through their processes. Email is the single best way to do that, as long as it provides insight, knowledge, and interesting visuals.
  • Content – Each project provides a plethora of content if understood and used properly. We work with our clients to create written, visual, video, audio, and experiential content.

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