We believe in companies that make things in America today.  We love working with them to ensure that they continue to grow and have new opportunities.


Since the beginning of Slice, we have loved working with manufacturing companies to help modernize their marketing communications and remain relevant. We know that buyers at many B2B companies are retiring,making space for younger buyers with different expectations. Our team understands those buyers. We knowwhat kind of information they want and how they want to receive it. We know how to position manufacturing companies to be globally competitive in the future.


  • Strategy – Our audience-focused approach helps manufacturing companies shift from marketing their product specifications to communicating how they solve their customers’ pains. We develop a new positioning statement and point-of-view so that it speaks to current pains and opportunities.
  • Public Relations – Trade publications focused on targeted industries provide opportunities to get regular, ongoing coverage for manufacturing companies even when there isn’t a new product to announce. We also know how to get a lot of the right coverage for a new product launch.
  • Social Media – Many manufacturing companies struggle with how to use social media to support their growth. Most buyers today use it to validate the reputations of their vendors, research new products, and learn. Most employees use it to find jobs and figure out if a company is a good fit. Either way, it can be very valuable for manufacturing companies.
  • Email Marketing – Email for manufacturing companies is all about increasing the total lifetime value of a customer, or in simpler terms, getting them to buy again and again. Email automation, segmentation, and funnels all play a critical role.
  • Content – Most manufactured products need to be demonstrated, either in a literal form of the word or through case studies. We help our clients create a plan that puts the most important messages front-and-center in a way that helps people engage with the products.

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