Real Estate

Real estate can be one of the most volatile industries.  However, it is also one of the most newsworthy. Real estate developments almost always make news. But developers – institutional or otherwise – can have news happen to them if they do not have a strategic approach to public relations and social media.


Our team knows how to control news through every step of the development process.  We are constantly working with the reporters who cover real estate in the area. We know which ones to go to first, how they want to receive information, and how to prepare for an interview with them.  Our social media team has deep expertise on how to amplify news about real estate projects. And our email marketing group knows how to collect email addresses of the right people to turn interest into deals.


  • StrategyWhen, how, and to whom to make announcements throughout projects is critical to their marketing and business success.  We know the business extremely well, and we have tried everything. We can guide past the pitfalls and to the most valuable communications.
  • Public Relations – Media outreach must be conducted proactively with all partners engaged and aligned.  Spokespeople must be trained to deliver effective messages to reporters. And media events must be carefully coordinated in order to incorporate politicians, community leaders, and others.
  • Social MediaWhile media relations activity may go up and down with the development cycle, social media must be constant.  We are experts in filling the gaps and using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep people engaged month-after-month.
  • Email MarketingThere are many different groups involved in real estate projects, including investors, the community, and tenants.  We use email to send each group news and information that matters most to them. 
  • ContentVisuals are extremely important for real estate companies, and so is experiential content.  We develop opportunities for people to experience real estate projects online or in real life in order to create feeling about buildings.

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