Technology Marketing

Technology companies come in many forms, from custom software to SaaS to robotics to fintech.  Those segments are just the beginning.  However different, they all have one thing in common: they’re all striving for disruption.


The thing about disruption is that it requires a lot of education, and a lot of education means a lot of communication. Doing something new or different is inherently challenging for most audiences. It is a long, sometimes uphill battle, for many companies. It requires an evolution of communication from introduction to explanation to example (then sometimes back to explanation) to trial to purchase to integration.

Our team at Slice Communications has been working with difficult, complicated technologies since our inception. We excel at swiftly immersing ourselves in any industry, supported by tailored strategy development processes. Our expertise lies in crafting and delivering disruptive messages effectively. We come to all engagements with a healthy skepticism, particularly those with our technology clients. We expect to be able to prove differentiators, which pays off when it’s time to promote products and services.


  • Strategy – Disruption depends on differentiation. Our marketing strategies for technology clients always address provable differentiation immediately. Then we make recommendations on the most effective way to reach early adopters who are most likely to support the company, its new products, and its new services.
  • Public Relations – Getting media coverage for something truly new can be challenging. It requires that reporters have the time to understand the company’s vision. They must also believe that it is possible. We work with reporters to ensure they have everything they need to tell the story of what’s next. Our media training gives spokespeople a leg-up in delivering that vision well.
  • Social Media – Early adopters are everything for a new company, product, or service. Their power is best leveraged through ongoing engagement and community development. Our social media team meets them where they are, ensures they know that the brand cares about them, and often turns this engagement into content and referrals.
  • Email Marketing – The opportunity to constantly provide new information directly to customers and potential customers is great with email. All technology companies should take advantage of this powerful marketing communications platform, and we’ve got the expertise to help you harness the power of great email marketing.
  • Content – The most effective technologies are the result of a vision or a point-of-view. We work with our clients to ensure that their POV is communicated through content. We also make recommendations on content for every phase of the disruption communications.

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